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Samsung Smart Tv Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

The samsung smart tv wireless bluetooth keyboard is perfect for your smart tv! With this device, you can have a keypad for adding questions and answers, a touchpad for using controls, and a wirelesscarbide keypad. The keyboard has a 2. 4ghz frequency and is compatible with all smart tv models with a 4th gen or later processor. The touchpad has a mysql database host and access to all the latest google apps. The htpc version of the samsung smart tv will also work with this keyboard and touchpad.

Samsung Bluetooth Keyboard For Smart Tv

Samsung bluetooth keyboard for smart tv if you're looking for a way to make your tv more accessible and faster access to you and your family, you'll want to check out a new samsung bluetooth keyboard for smart tv. This keyboard has been specifically designed to make it easy to type or use a brush on your tv to control your tv signals. if you're one of those who loves to be able to use a bluetooth keyboard on their tv, this samsung bluetooth keyboard is definitely the one for you. It comes with a 1-year warranty and has a very simple set of steps to make your tv more accessible and fast access to you.

Bluetooth Keyboard For Samsung Smart Tv

This is a mini wireless keyboard for the samsung smart tv. It is hands-free and works with any android or smart tv. You can also use it to type or type on the touchpad. this black bluetooth keyboard has a slim design that is perfect for watching tv shows and movies on theavier. The slim design also makes it easy to get to your keystrokes; without having tolanipate a key. The keycap set is also adjustable, so you can select the keycrawl style that you want. The bluetooth interface is easy to use, and you can either connect it to the tv via hdmi or use it as a direct connection to a samsung smart tv. the connect bluetooth keyboard to samsung smart tv is a perfect way to get your tv viewing experience on the go. This keyboard has a wireless connection so you can watch your favorite shows and movies on your phone or computer. The touchpad allows you to control your tv by rubbing the screen of your phone or computer. The blue color is perfect for watching tv shows and movies on your smart tv. the bluetooth keyboards for the samsung smart tv are perfect for anyone who wants to use their tv with a keyboard in addition to a touchpad. These keyboards have a backlight that makes it easy to use the tv with out vision. The keys are easily accessible and the keyboard is still very responsive.